Sledgehammer and Kettlebell Workout Routine

Here’s a great 30-minute workout that features my two favorite pieces of fitness equipment – a sledgehammer and a kettlebell – along with push-ups.

Not only will this exercise program kick your butt, you’ll get to enjoy the great outdoors in the process…

You don’t always need to use traditional exercise equipment and training routines in your workout program, as there are many great “alt” training methods that aid in the quest to reach higher levels of physical fitness.

One of my favorite fitness tips is to follow a sledgehammer-based training program.  For about 30 bucks, you can get an 8-pound sledgehammer that will provide you with countless hours of fitness enjoyment, which is one of the biggest fitness equipment bargains on the planet!

Investing in a sledgehammer and kettlebell are two of the best ways to spend your fitness-equipment dollars.

So here’s the workout routine.  Take 5-10 minutes to warm up with a 2-minute jog around the block some calisthenics, and a couple of moves from the “Shovelglove” workout.  And don’t forget, you need a tree stump or old tire, your sledgehammer and a kettlebell.  Don’t rush your sledge swings and don’t cheat yourself on the rest periods, especially during the first rotation.

Follow this order:

  • 10 sledge swings from each side x 2 (total of 20 each side)
  • 30 seconds rest 
  • 20 2-hand kettlebell swings
  • 15 push-ups
  • 2-minute rest


  • 20 sledge swings from each side
  • 30 seconds rest 
  • 10 1-hand kettlebell swings with each hand
  • 15 push-ups
  • 2-minute rest 


  • 15 sledge swings from each side x 2 (total of 30 each side)
  • 60-second rest 
  • 30 2-hand kettlebell swings
  • 15-push-ups
  • 2 and a half-minute rest 


  • 30 sledge swings from each side
  • 60-second rest 
  • 15 1-hand kettlebell swings with each hand
  • 15 push-ups
  • Rest for as long as you want, cuz you’re done.

This workout will push you to your limit as it works every muscle in your body from your fingers to your toes and all points in between, and will help you reach new levels of physical fitness.  If you are looking for a more intense, kettlebell specific workout, please check out The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

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