The Program to Improve Your Fitness, Week 3

This week you’ll learn to do the first 3 lower body moves in the Dynamic Flexibility section of Level 1 of my free online personal training program, The Program to Improve Your Fitness.  These 3 lower body flexibility exercises can improve range of motion, balance and stability, and serve as a great warm up activity.

This week, week 3 of Level 1 of my free online personal training program, you will learn how to do the first 3 lower body dynamic flexibility movements, ankle rocks, knee-to-chest and heel-to-butt.  These 3 moves will improve flexibility and range of motion from the lower back down to the toes, while helping to develop balance, stability and coordination.  As a personal trainer and strength coach I use these moves with all of my private training clients and with all of the teams that I work with.  These flexibility moves are among the most effective exercises that you can do, and will improve your overall fitness level.

The goal of Level 1 is to teach you how to move better so that you can get stronger, and you will need to take a little more time to learn new moves as they get more difficult.  This week with these 3 rather difficult lower body stretches – it’s tough to work on improving your balance – you will need to be patient and take your time as you review the video and practice the moves. 

These 3 moves will go a long way to helping you improve your fitness level, and are an integral part of my free online training program.  Remember not to skip any of these free instructional fitness videos and don’t take any of the movements for granted; all of these exercises are important as they complement each other.

Take a little time every week and check for the regular updates to the free personal training program.  Participate in my free exercise program and you will have your own personal trainer.

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