A Program To Improve Your Fitness, Week 5

This week you’ll be introduced to the concept of Functional Exercises and learn the proper way to perform jumping jacks in my free exercise program.

Welcome to the first week of the Functional Exercises section of my free online exercise program, The Program to Improve Your Fitness.  Functional exercises combine flexibility, strength and balance work, with more movement than is needed to perform the dynamic flexibility exercises, and as a result provide a potent stimulus to improve your fitness.  This week you’ll learn how to do jumping jacks.

During the Functional Exercise section of this free online exercise program you will learn how to perform the fundamental calisthenics exercises; jumping jacks, slow-motion squat thrusts, leg drives/mountain climbers, sit-ups and push-ups.  Real push-ups.  As a personal trainer and strength coach I use these calisthenics as a regular part of my clients workouts and rely on them in my own workouts as well. Over the next few weeks you will learn to appreciate what these exercises can do to improve your fitness level.

I have mentioned over the past several weeks that you need to treat this early stage of the program more as practice and less as exercise.  Trust me, by the end of this section of my free exercise program you will have enough exercises in your arsenal to provide you with a very challenging workout.  Just take your time and practice these new exercises and make sure that you are performing them with proper form.  You will get more out of this free exercise program if you are patient.

The calisthenics exercises that you will learn over the next few weeks offer a powerful cardiovascular workout and will improve your fitness level without subjecting your body to damaging impact forces.  By the end of this section of my free exercise program you will know how to get a great cardiovascular workout in a fraction of the amount of time that many people spend jogging.

The progression that I have laid out here, is the exact same path that I provide for my personal training clients, and is the most efficient and effective way to both learn these exercises and to implement these exercises in a training program.  Check in to HealthAndFitnessAdvice.com every week to get the latest installment of my free exercise program, and contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

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