The Program To Improve Your Fitness, Week 6

Slow motion squat thrusts and leg drives are on the menu in the sixth week of my free online exercise program.

So here we are and it’s already week 6 of my free online exercise program, The Program To Improve Your Fitness.  We’re pretty halfway through the program and you’ll be learning 2 extremely effective functional exercises, exercises that can do more to improve your fitness level than just about any other exercises; slow motion squat thrusts (aka one-leg-at-a-time squat thrusts) and leg drives (aka mountain climbers).  Squat thrusts – and all its variations – are some of the best exercises that you can do, so pay attention and practice.

As I’ve mentioned every week, I use these exercises in my workouts and in the workouts of my personal training clients.  By following the instructions that I lay out in the video you will be able to get all of the benefits these exercises have to offer, the same benefits my personal training clients get.  Can I say, “Be patient,” again?  This is the second week of the Functional Exercises section and you’re getting closer to the point where you will be doing more actual working out.  You’ll still need to view these sessions as practice, but you’ll be practicing more difficult moves.

You will learn the more difficult versions of the squat thrusts as you progress through the different levels of the program, but for now make sure you’re totally comfortable performing the slow motion variety – just get good at doing them.  Squat thrusts will improve your cardiovascular fitness, develop strength, and improve range of motion.

The leg drives are a simple yet effective exercise that will improve your cardiovascular conditioning and help to strengthen the muscles of your trunk.

Trust the progression.  This is the same path that my personal training clients have followed and it works for them.  It’ll work for you even without me standing over you in my best personal trainer stance.  So start practicing and check back next week for the next installment in my free exercise program, and if you have any questions you can contact me at

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