Football season is in full swing and there are more than enough gridiron stories to fill a month’s worth of Rambles. I know other sports are in season right now and baseball’s “Hot Stove League” has kicked off but for the next three months there will be nothing bigger than college and pro football.

Cam Newton. Who cares if he took – or even just asked for – money in return for enrolling in Auburn or any other university? High-profile college athletes taking money is on the same level as the-steroids-in-sports story and anyone who thinks this is an isolated incident has been Rip van Winkling it for a long time. I have to laugh at sportswriters and announcers who express shock, dismay and indignation that the best college football player in the country – or his “people” – might have asked for money. By the way, this is the same player who left another school in response to an academic cheating scandal. This whole thing is so shocking and unprecedented isn’t it?

Wisconsin Scores 83 Points. In principle, I have no problem with a team running up the score, especially in a conference game. Saturday Wisconsin beat Indiana 83-20. Indiana needs to get better and if the Badgers’ fourth and fifth stringers can score against Indiana starters or scrubs, so be it. Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch said, “I’ve always felt it was our job to stop the team and play the game. We didn’t do that very well.” Although I will say it’s hard to defend Wisconsin throwing a 74-yard TD pass to go up 76-13.

More Auburn. Things got chippy at the end of the Auburn/Georgia game and two of Auburn’s starting defensive linemen got ejected from the game with about a minute to play. By rule these two will have to sit out the first half of Auburn’s next game, a match-up with Alabama in their traditional day-after-Thanksgiving rivalry game known as the “Iron Bowl.” Imagine if Auburn’s national title hopes get derailed as a result of these suspensions.

Donovan McNabb. A few weeks after being pulled in favor of Rex Grossman, the Redskins give the 34-year old McNabb a huge contract extension worth approximately $40 million guaranteed. Daniel snider still hasn’t learned his lesson. That and it’s amazing to think how much money NGL teams really make if they can afford to throw away $40 mil.

The Best Team in the NFL. The best team in the NFL changes every week. Pittsburgh? Not this week. The Giants? Hell no. The Patriots? Last week, no way, this week, maybe. What’s going on? Are we approaching two-levels of parity, one level for the bad teams and the other for the contenders? The last half of the season will be more interesting than usual.