ARod Was Never Going to be an Everyday Player Again

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Alex Rodriguez’s is no longer an everyday, productive, Major League Baseball player, and the suspension has nothing to do with it. ARod’s injuries and surgeries have made him a shell of the player he used to be. You should have seen that last year.

The suspension has distracted from this reality.

Over the past three seasons ARod’s power has diminished – even on the PEDs – and last year he limped through 44 games and hit home runs at a third of the rate he did at his peak, and half the rate of his career average. His batting average was .244, by far the lowest average of his career.

But his biggest problem is that his movement skills have deteriorated to the point where they are broken. He is broken.

Watch the highlight package on ESPN and you see a guy laboring to run; a lumbering, painful looking, effort-ful gait. Last season watching him try to get around on a fastball, the struggle was evident. In the field he was far from the fluid, graceful ARod who at one point was worth the money he was making.

Regardless of the reasons for these broken mechanics, this poor movement led to ARod breaking down after 44 games in 2013. The telltale pulled muscle caused by the daily grind made worse by poor mechanics and bad hips, that leads to bigger problems.

The seemingly minor issues are the result of poor mechanics and lead to the inevitable major problems. And old guy playing with surgically repaired hips – even on his PED regimen – cannot play Major League Baseball everyday. That is precisely what you saw last year.

If ARod wasn’t suspended, what do you think you were going to get this year? For their $28 million in 2013 the Yankees got 38 hits. He hasn’t hit 30 home runs since 2010. At 38-years old with bad hips and (maybe) no drugs the Yankees weren’t going to get a productive, everyday player. They were going to get Andy Stankiewic.

Ryan Braun is a young fraud, so there’s at least some chance that off the drugs he won’t be a total embarrassment. With ARod, no such luck.

So when you hear someone say ARod will be back in 2015 – if they can keep a straight face – you should ask, “Be back where?” And when he says that next year he’s starting a new chapter in his life, it’s called “Retirement.”

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