Why You Should Stay Away From Fitness Gimmicks

With every new year comes another pack of fitness gimmicks and fads. Now I don’t know what exactly this new year will bring, but I can tell you that there will be a whole bunch of fitness types trying to sell you a whole bunch of crap.


I sound like a broken record, but you don’t need a piece of equipment or clothing or anything to help you get in shape, to improve your fitness level. All the “equipment” you need is nestled up there in your noggin; use your brain, not a Shake Weight.


Movement is good for you, so if you are seated or lying down position, you are severely limiting the effectiveness of your exercise. Ditto for if you rely on equipment for your workouts. We move about in a 3D, 360 degrees of movement world where we are on our feet and need to be balanced and stable. Working out on a piece of equipment puts us in a 1D world that bears no resemblance to the world we need to negotiate.


So as you get bombarded with the new round of infomercial nonsense this year, for everything from diets, to workouts, to equipment, put your Common Sense Hat on and keep your money in your pocket.

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