The “Get Ripped in 4 Weeks” Supplement Scam

The latest supplement nonsense comes to us in the form of blog posts that reveal the latest Hollywood secret for detox, fat-burning and muscle building.  Of course it’s all bogus, so don’t fall for it.

The concept of “getting ripped/shredded” is a classic example of a body building myth, and this latest Internet-based supplement scam is built upon it.  You’ll see advertisements for these blogs on a variety of web sites with the headers, “I Got Ripped in Four Weeks,” and “#1 Rule to Build Muscle.”

Visit these sites and you’ll be given the standard pitch that is built around the “4 weeks to ripped-ness” story with pictures that detail this amazing transformation, including pictures of ripped/shredded guys.   Nobody would ever Photoshop these pictures, would they?

Also, are tattoos necessary for guys to get ripped?  But that’s a different issue for a different time.  Back to these phony blogs.


The key to the Hollywood secrets and program to get ripped – apparently – are an acai-based product and another standard body building fraud supplement called, “Big Time.”  For as much hype as we’re given, we get the exact opposite amount in the way of details regarding these products.  Acai has some anti-oxidant properties, but legitimate research indicates that acai offers little, if any, real fat burning benefits. The acai supplement won’t kill you, but it’s not going to do much for you, either.

Big Time is the mystery supplement, the formulation for which we’re told next to nothing.  There are no scientific details about Big Time – there’s not even a list of ingredients – but we are told that using Big Time will improve athletic performance and strength, increase muscle mass, give muscles definition and size, and has positive sexual side effects, hinting that it makes your “favorite muscle bigger, too.” Oh brother.

Guys, are you that naïve, some might say, stupid? In this day of Photoshopping, do pictures really serve as proof for you?

Big Time is modern day snake oil that is being sold via the modern marketing techniques of the Internet.  There isn’t any data telling us what this product can do and there isn’t even a mention of the ingredients of these pills.  The scandal, where nutritional supplements containing banned substances and steroids may have been sold to unsuspecting customers, illustrates the dangers of ingesting supplements with sketchy pedigrees.  Why would anyone buy a supplement without knowing all of the ingredients?

Some of the supplements recalled as a part of the scandal use this same method of marketing.  Products with names like Ripped Tabs, Purus Labs Nasty Mass, Rage, Finaflex Ripped, Monster Caps and ON Cycle 2 Hardcore have been pulled from the market because of concerns about the ingredients of these products.

If you want a supplement that will deliver results and not bankrupt you in the process, and want to be safe in knowing that you won’t be poisoning yourself or being dosed with an illegal substance, try creatine monohydrate powder.  Creatine costs a fraction of what these scam-supplements cost, has been studied more than any other nutritional supplement and has shown to deliver genuine muscle-building results.  You may also be interested in my article on Quercetin.

So stay away from Big Time and avoid being taken to the cleaners, Big Time.


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