The Shake Weight Gets a “Do Not Buy” Recommendation

Some really ridiculous fitness products have been brought to market, but the Shake Weight just might represent the cream of the crop when it comes to nonsensical exercise equipment.  Based on the oxymoronic “principle” of “dynamic inertia,” the Shake Weight is alleged to give users, “lean, sculpted arms and shoulders.”

Despite the fact that the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders and back are not moving through a range of motion the makers of the Shake Weight claim to be able to deliver muscle and strength building results.  This flies in the face of just about every bit of existing legitimate scientific data on the subject of muscle and strength building.

Furthermore, the muscles of the biceps and triceps are among the smallest muscles of the body, and “exercising” them provides very little stimulus – metabolic or strength/muscle building.  There is a lot to learn from the advertisement’s claim that users will, “feel it instantly.”

Just because you may “feel” something doesn’t mean that this something is beneficial or will result in a beneficial outcome, strength/muscle building or otherwise.  For example, bend your index finger back as far as possible towards the back of your hand and hold it there.  You feel that, don’t you?  Does that “feeling” mean that you will derive a benefit from the action? Nope.

The users of the Shake Weight do not provide any of the so-called independent scientific research that is responsible for the creation of this gimmicky gadget.  If this research is such a home run and illustrates that the Shake Weight is better than using dumbbells, the makers of this product should be featuring this information on their web site.   I did not find any research on dynamic inertia in the vast, online databases of the National Strength and Conditioning Association or American College of Sports Medicine.

Dynamic inertia is a great example of what I call, “Vapor Research;” research touted as proof of effectiveness by an equipment huckster that isn’t provided and cannot be found.

Keeping the upper body in an isometric contraction for any length of time, while holding any implement, is going to induce fatigue.  Squeeze the steering wheel of your car while you sit in traffic and your entire body will feel the effects before too long.  And this is NOT a good thing.

The submaximal isometric contraction needed to hold the Shake Weight has no dynamic or functional strength building benefits.  Furthermore, isometric contraction training only provides benefits to the muscle at the specific angle in which the contraction is held.

So an isometric contraction where the arms are held at a 90 degree angle will only offer strength benefits at this specific angle.  Certainly, taking a muscle group/joint through a complete range of motion using dumbbells is much more efficient and effective method of training.

Save your time, money and effort.  The Shake Weight gets a, “Do Not Buy,” recommendation.


288 Responses to “The Shake Weight Gets a “Do Not Buy” Recommendation”
  1. Christina says:

    MrsToni Smith of course the shake weight didn’t work for you, you said you had arm flab and you need cardio exercise for that not the shake weight when you lose your arm fat you can re try the shake weight because it does tone arms that are thinner 🙂

  2. AJ says:

    okay first off i havnt used it but i see alot of other people complaining about how they don’t feel a burn and such well do it longer than 2 min then give up.If u don’t like it sell it and shut up.i’m sure the makers of shake weight can care less about your complaints because there already rich off this i’m not saying this product doesnt work because i havnt used it yet.

  3. employed101 says:

    There actually is a report comparing shake weight vs and arm curl.

    I read it and it appears to be accurately preformed. It is a simulation but since the same model is used for the curl and shakeweight it is valid.

    It is an engineering study and does not take into account various body types, metabolisms frequency of use etc. It just adds up the energy expended over time. On that basis you do use more energy jerking that thing around than a curl. Anybody who has taken a dynamics course in engineering school will agree with that.

    I haven’t bought the item but I did try some of the movements using a 5# dumbbell. It immediately reminded me of a martial art exercise I used to do which strengthened the core muscles of your body.

    For 29 bucks? it beats all the other ” 4 easy payments of 99.95″ you see on late night TV

  4. Lou Madden says:

    That’s ok – you naysayers who have never tried it will go around with jiggly arms – not me – I love it. So easy. Never even broke a sweat!! Wish they would come up with one for the legs and abs. Just try it – I have a total gym and have had more pulled muscles from using that. I’m giving the shake weight to all my friends (not the ones I am jealous of)!!

  5. max says:

    amy, you must be really stupid lol, migraine from the shakeweight? You probably shouldn’t share that with people. Maybe learn to keep your head still and use the thing the right way.

  6. oscar says:

    i agree totally goes against all weider principles …I bodybuild and there is no shortcut for hard training ..people nowadays want to get the quik fix,,,dont wana break a sweat or want a pill to do it al for them while they sit and flick the remote ….get up what do we tell our kids atleast 30 min a day and if you want a physique like the ones in the adds I can tell you they did not get it only doing 30 min a day ….

  7. Kevin says:

    I am curious whether this constant shifting in inertia from the shake weight is any comparison to the force accompanied with walking or running. As in, are your bones being stimulated with waves of force causing them to grow. I do not believe weight lifting would compare well with the ability to amass bone density, as most of the stress with traditional weight lifting is exerted through the muscles and tendons and this shake weight would passively stressing your bones with these supposed “shock waves”.

  8. No comparison. The forces of the shake weight aren’t sufficient to elicit any response, if they were the legit research would be available for review.

  9. Rebecca Wilsonmansik says:

    I dont want to start any ‘fmae war’ but I couldnt disagree more with the article. I am EXTREMELY skeptical of these exercise products & especially ones claiming to help so ‘easily’. I have to tell you-I use the Shake weight daily in my office for a total of 15 mins. It has now been exactly 9 weeks and seriously speaking, I can see a TOTAL difference! Not just feeling it because it makes my arms “tingle” or whatever- but as Ive measured my arms I can tell its makinga difference. It cant be just coincidence that many people are telling me that my arms look different, they seem smaller (Please bare in mind Im a plus sz gal who has lost 139 pounds and my arms are one of the worse things on me! I know how it feels) But 6-7 people telling me they see tone & definition to them…I really have to give it to Shake Weight as I cant see what else would be doing it for me. That “flabby” part of my arm has shrunk too so just my 2 cents I totally am for the Shake Weight and I can see physical, undeniable proof and I love it. So maybe its different for individuals. Thank you & please dont be too harsh. Just wanted to share my experience. I love it!

  10. rolando says:

    Well really i have no time to go to the gym and bought this product shake weight and in one week for 6 min daily i see a great diference my friend that is a gym trainer even has seen the diference and wants to buy one so i really disagree with this article and also why pay monthly in a gym and then go to the doctor for muscle pain when with the shake weight i havent had a back pain since i started the workout..i recomend this product….

  11. Marcy M. says:

    I’ve been using the shakeweight faithfully for a few weeks now and have seen a huge difference in my arms. My biceps are defined – you can actually see them now! And the flabby part under my arms are almost gone. I can’t believe such an easy routine for a few minutes a day works this well. Please, if you haven’t actually USED it, do not say it won’t work! You sound spiteful, like you’re jealous you didn’t invent it!

  12. Maryann says:

    Come on, not necessary to be crude while discussing a product. Shake weight may work initially for those who are new to exercise. Any movement, including walking, will show results and is good for your body and anything that gets you up and going is good. But not for long. What will you do when your body adapts? Shaking it for 6-minutes will then be useless. Do you then shake it for an hour? That short range of motion the shake weight has could cause trouble eventually, like tendonitis of the elbow. Better to use hand weights and barbells that you can increase in weight when your body adapts. There are no short cuts to exercise and no body will look as ripped as those men/women on TV with just a shake weight. Good bodies do not come for free or with short periods of exercise. Thirty minutes a day is the least amount of exercise recommended by physicians. Six minutes a day is nothing. You need at the very least, an hour a session to weight lift and that walk can’t be a stroll. It has to be a power walk. Sorry. If getting ripped were as easy as shaking a weight for 6 minutes, everyone would look like an athlete.

  13. Wow, no back pain since you started holding a vibrating gizmo in your hands; I’ve changed my mind! Especially since you’ve seen an improvement in just a week and your trainer friend agrees, WOW again!

  14. jocelyn says:

    I run for about an hour everyday,then I work out a little more, I’ve always been on and off lifting weights, I still do, I do not think is about that, but curiosly I bought the shake weight just out of that. I’ve been trying it and using it instead of the weights, my arms hurt more (in a good way) I can also feel the burn I feel with the original weights, plus it saves me time, I do recommend it.

  15. Joe says:

    I’m sure there’s a proper term for reviews planted owner of the product, but I can’t remember it. Anyway, that’s what a lot of these comments look like.

  16. tinablue87 says:

    I’m not going to say whether or not the Shake Weight works. I’m challenging all who have read this article to try shaking a regular weight and see if you get the same results. I’m trying this approach right now.

  17. Will says:

    I used to workout heavily in 06, and went from 140 to 180 in 6 months. Work, diet and supplements (legal). I injured both elbows in a fall on stairs, one elbow looked like it had a golfball in it. So, the injury and my becoming an OTR truck driver haven’t helped me stay fit. But I don’t like how soft I’ve gotten…so I tried the shake weight. I ignore the video…Mateus didn’t get like that with the shake-weight alone…BUT, the damned thing does work to tone muscle. From what I’ve read here, man, lotta biased people who never even tried the thing… I have, and for tone and possibly strength, it works. The difference is noticeable. I’m 40 now, and I wish like mad that I had the stability of being “home” every night, but I don’t. Occaisionally my elbows start acting up – pain-wise – but I want to get in better shape…the shake-weight is showing me results and I’m encouraged. It’ll likely be isometrics and bodyweight resistance as I re-enter working-out, but the thing worked for me. Dunno why some peeps are know-it-all when knowing only their preconceptions.

  18. Jessie says:

    Shake Weight works! At first I clowned on it and the people who owned the product, after testing it at I never felt the pain so quick! Ten minute workout everyday and a week later I have great results. I give the product 9/10!

  19. blahblah says:

    I am a very active person I have(and use) a big set of dumbbells, boxing bags, multiple other fitness items, ride my mountain bike regularly and go to the gym 2 times a week to body build. I just bought the shake weight to use on my off days from weight training and yes it does workout your arms pretty good, it made me want to work out even more because it is more of a cardio type exercise than a weight training exercise, it gets your blood pumping that is for sure. I dunno about it building muscle, but my arms are pretty damn sore after 20 minutes of using it off and on..

    I would definitely recommend it for people who want something different to add to your workout program, it was a very affordable piece of addon equipment to my collection and I actually look forward to using it again, maybe even tomorrow before I hit the gym for a good warmup.

  20. blahblah says:

    Oh and Sal, it isn’t a “Vibrating Gizmo” you have to use your muscles to make it work… Learn the facts before you bash others and make yourself look like a fool.

  21. Tina:
    Now that is using your noodle! Great idea.

  22. Hmmm says:

    Let me see if I understand this correctly: if you like the product and think it works, you’re a company plant and/or stupid, but if you hate it and trash it you’re a legitimate consumer and/or fitness expert? Well, it’s nice to see how open-minded and tolerant everyone is when opinions vary.

    I’ve tried to find decent reviews of this product but all I find is article after article with the very same comments, some even verbatim. It makes me think ALL the comments are plants, both positive and negative. Who’s paying you to do this all these “reviews” and how can I get involved? /sarcasm

  23. PO'd says:

    My only problem is with the company itself. I purchased the shakeweight last week, and this week my phone is ringing off the hook (Literally at least 15 times a day) with them telling me it should be here any day now (duh, I know, I have a tracking number) and then trying to get me to provide my credit card number so I can sign up for some stupid thing for $30 a month. This alone turned me off (that they are trying to get more money, or sold my information to another company and then trying to scam me into punching my credit card number into the phone key pad) so I am returning it unused and will most likely just order it from Amazon.

    Also, I ordered directly from the shakeweight website. I didn’t go through a third party and I should have known better than to order from an infomercial website. I immediately called my bank after and reported my atm lost so they couldn’t charge it the $30 a month (I did not agree to it, but I did answer ‘Yes’ when they asked if this was **name** – never know how they can edit that)

    I know this is not a review on the product itself, but I don’t want others to get scammed out of $30 a month that can be used on groceries or gas.

  24. Kate says:

    to Hmmmm, I took the plunge after making fun out of this product initially (as it looks ridiculous) my arms are really weak and I know I should exercise to improve them but to be honest I am lazy! As it was only 6 mins as a routine I thought – what the heck i’ll shop around to find a cheap seller and have a go! I brought mine for £9.00 which i’m not sure in $maybe 12? a lot cheaper than Amazon was selling. I am quite impressed. I have had it for about 5 weeks and my arms are a lot stronger-perhaps I could have achieved the same with plain ol dumbells but at the moment I am happy working out with this! I hope this helps 😉

  25. Adrian says:

    I think the reason some don’t see results in the shake weight is that they are shaking the weight as opposed to keeping arms relatively still while controlling the shaking of the weights. The controlling of the weights as they make the inertia is what makes it a workout. Look at all the demonstration videos and you’ll notice the person is not shaking their arms with the weights, but keeping their arms constant. Also in the long run your body will adapt to any workout that it is given repeatedly.

  26. Allison says:

    I love my Shake Weight! My upper arms are looking better and better everyday as I use it!

  27. Jay says:

    Thought this product looked ridiculous. Anyone with common sense should be skeptical of this kind of thing. My brother got one of these, and unfortunately, he developed a neurological condition, and it never came out of the box. He gave it to me. I am surprised that it actually works. Of course only on the arms ans shoulders in my case, but I works. You will see that to be true if you try it. That’s the proof.

  28. Lucy says:

    Hi, it’s incredible how popular this product got to be. Almost 300 comments here and a similar amount on another pretty skeptical review on

    Wasn’t this supposed to be a joke?

  29. Anil says:

    I bought mine from walmart and for the first 6 weeks i just used it once a week for a minute or two. about two weeks ago I decided to try it for 30 days 4-6 mins a day. I can see the difference in my arms and shoulder . I was one of the naysayers . I called shake weight snake oil in beginning but glad I tried it .

  30. Bryan Allen says:

    You know many say it doesnt work. I Have been going to the gym since i was 13 i’m 26 now, and the pumps I Get from the shakeweight are amazing. I even felt the same burning sensation in my triceps as going to the gym. don’t say something doesnt work until you try it

  31. Mike says:

    This thing is the biggest piece of crap i’ve ever bought. I have tendonitis in both elbows and my left hand. DO NOT BUY!

  32. I used the Shake weight for about 4 weeks as instructed and developed a bad case of tendonitis. I could not hardly lift a gallon of milk some days it hurt so bad. I have been lifting weights for over 30 years and was a Pro hockey player for 7 and I have never had an injury from lifting or excersizing. The worst part is the company would not even consider refunding my money because policy states within 30 days. That’s great but, this is more important to imform the public of their practices and what to expect from this piece of so called eqipment. I was going to have my hockey team get 4 or 5 if they worled as on on the road workout but would never put them through the pain of injury it caused me.

  33. I never said it wasn’t working and I did use it regularly and it did give me severe tenonitis and I used it properly. any one that says it is working that is great but, when your elbows are sore for long periods of time and lose strength it is the shake weight that caused it……period

  34. Fawn says:

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