A Modest Proposal Regarding the Obesity Epidemic

Since everyone is either obese, fat, getting fatter or going to be fat I have some suggestions as to how we can stave off and alleviate this catastrophic pandemic. This is Part 1 of my essay entitled, “A Modest Proposal Regarding the Obesity Epidemic. After the complete essay is posted I will continue to make […]

Ignore the Obese Police

I’m not talking about cops who are fat, but the butt-in-skis who are obsessed with body weight and body fat. Unless you’ve been unconscious, live in a cave, or are a member of the lost tribe of the Amazon, you’ve heard about the overweight/obesity “epidemic.” You’ve also been subjected to myriad reports, studies, reviews, and […]

The Ramble: Selenium, Flu Shots, Allergies, Extreme Thinness, the DASH Diet

I’m going to cover all of these issues in the newest, regular HealthandFitnessAdvice.com feature, The Ramble. Rather than struggle to come up with 400 words on one topic I’m going to make things quicker and more interesting and keep it to a few sentences per topic. Learn more in less time with The Ramble! Dangerous […]

People Can Be Healthy at Any Size

The “Weight-Centered Approach” to fitness is overly simplistic and does not stand up to medical and scientific scrutiny.  This way of thinking also serves to doom people to failure in their efforts to lead a healthful lifestyle. The prevailing wisdom in the mainstream – celebrity fitness types, personal trainers and magazines – is that people […]

New Study Confirms Overweight People Have Lower Death Rate Than Normal Weight People

Dealing a blow to the “thin is best” crowd of personal trainers and other so-called experts on weight, health and fitness, new research reasserts the reality that those who are overweight do not have a higher death rate than those who are of normal weight.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National […]

The Zone Chefs Program Does All The Work For You

In a perfect world we’d all have the time and energy to prepare and eat 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks a day.  But most of us don’t live in a perfect world, so we skip meals, make poor choices out of convenience and as a result don’t eat nearly as well as we should. […]